The time for revenge has come
Castillos de naipes y de arena
Image: Backchannel

Microsoft admits to messing up the Windows Phone. Their little adventure with Nokia turned out to be a house of cards for the company. While it’s good to recognize, it’s also important to set a new course and seek new opportunities for Apple along the way. In the past, their primary battlefield has been design tools and the brand has stayed miles ahead of the competition. But that’s about to change. During their last conference on October 26, Microsoft revealed a powerful machine, the Surface Studio, with an i7 processor and features that (they hope) would make creatives around the world take notice and abandon their Macs.

On the other hand, Apple team members aren’t rocket scientists. Apple Watch sales have fallen due to poor user reception, making it unable to gain a niche following. To add to this upset balance, the iPhone hasn’t been selling well either. It’s time to see what they’ve got hidden up their sleeves. Apple seems thinks it will recover their losses with the release of a new Macbook Pro with integrated Touch ID. Time will tell